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1. Question: Is my mobile phone compatible with your bluetooth headphone?
Answered: Bluetooth headphone works by protocol, ranging from version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0...from higher to lower. You can read our guide book for reference. You can check your mobile phone model and check if it's compatible with our bluetooth headset.

2. Question: What is the longest working distance of your bluetooth headsets?
Answer: Generally, it can work within 15m, which means no block. However, in the actual condition caused by environment, we can support 2-8m.

3.Question: I can not search the bluetooth headset, so how to deal with it?
Answer: please check by following steps check if the power is on. 2. if on and still can not search it, please re-start your mobile phone and bluetooth set.

4.Question: my bluetooth headset is quite often disconnected with my mobile phone.
Answer: Please check below points.
a. if the power is not enough, if yes, please charge it ASAP.
b. if the distance between bluetooth set and mobile phone is beyond 10m. please do not hold or block the bluetooth transmitter, in order to keep the stability of signals, please keep our set and your mobile phone in the same direction.

5.Question: How long about the lifetime of the battery?
Answer: Most of the battery is lithium battery, and this is not replaceble. and the re-charge frequency is about 300 times, and 5 times per day, so we can use it about 1500days, it means we can use it about 3-4 years, during which is almost the end of life of this bluetooth headset.

6. Question: Our earphone will be discolor, especially for white one.
Answer: Generally speaking, it will become yellow or other color if your earphone contacts too much sweater, oil or other dust. Please keep it clean and place it in dry condition.

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